2016-06-07 10:02:00

Kadyrov Foundation to hand out breakfasts, dinners in Damascus during Ramadan

Moscow, June 7, Interfax - The Regional Public Foundation (RPF) named after Akhmad Kadyrov is organizing a charitable initiative for Damascus residents, Chechen acting leader Ramzan Kadyrov said.

"The RPF named after the Hero of Russia, Akhmad-Khaji Kadyrov, has launched a major charitable initiative in Damascus. It will last throughout the month of Ramadan," he wrote on his page on Instagram.

Each morning 5,000 people will be getting breakfast, and every evening 20,000 people will be getting free dinners, Kadyrov said.

"Meal handouts will be carried out at schools, hospitals, mosques and refugee camps. Meals will be distributed by 30 vehicles. Some 30 cooks and 200 volunteers are working with the Foundation to distribute breakfasts and dinners. The initiative is extremely important as it is taking place in the midst of a civil war, destitute people are receiving aid," Kadyrov said.