2016-06-08 10:54:00

Terrorists attack Kurdish neighborhood in Aleppo during morning Muslim prayer

Moscow, June 8, Interfax- Militants from the terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra (banned in Russia) and Ahrar ash-Sham armed units attacked the Kurdish neighborhood of Sheikh Maqsood in Syria's Aleppo on Wednesday morning, a spokesperson for the Russian center for the reconciliation of the opposing sides in Syria told Interfax.

"The attack was preceded by intense mortar shelling that cynically coincided with the hour of a morning Muslim prayer and the start of daily fasting. The attacks were directed from two sides, namely from the Al-Resafa neighborhood in the west and from the Al-Rahba fortress captured by the militants in the north," he said.

Observers also recorded the movement of armored vehicles belonging to militants from Haretan toward the area of Tell-Nsibin in the northwest of Aleppo last night. Government forces have also been shelled in the village of Bash Kay, it said.