2016-07-04 13:35:00

Russian church in France gifted to the parish by a Catholic community is consecrated

Moscow, July 4, Interfax - Small consecration of a new Russian church in the town of Bruges (Bordeaux suburbs, France) was held last Sunday on the Day of All Saints, resplendent in the Russian land, reports the Korsun Diocese, which unites Russian parishes in some countries of the Western Europe.

Administrator of the Korsun Diocese Bishop Nestor chaired the consecration and the Liturgy. Local Catholic vicar Bertrand Lacombe, representatives of municipal authorities, honorable council of Russia in France Alexandre de Miller de La Cerda, pilgrims of Orthodox parishes of Bordeaux, Toulouse, Paris and other French cities prayed at the service.

The service was conducted in the French and Church-Slavonic language.

In early 2015 it cleared out that on recommendation of Bordeaux Archbishop Jean-Pierre Ricard Catholic congregation of St. Martha in Bordeaux decided to gift a local community of the Russian Orthodox Church a building of the Catholic church that earlier belonged to it.

St. Seraphim Parish in Bordeaux was founded in 2003, but it has not had its own premises for celebrating services.

Parishioners of the Russian community worked all the year to make interior of the church correspond to the Orthodox canons and traditions. On June 3, 2016, Bishop Nestor and representatives of the Catholic congregation of St. Martha signed a document on transferring St. German Church in Bruges in property of St. Seraphim parish. Orthodox iconostasis was set up in the church in the middle of June in 2016.