2016-07-11 14:35:00

Russian president at Valaam calls for remembrance of pilots killed in Syria

Moscow, July 11, Interfax - Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed at Valaam the participants in Memorial Day of St. Sergius and Herman of Valaam and called against forgetting the defenders of the homeland, also mentioning in this regard the Russian pilots killed in Syria, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

"Putin participated in the meal, addressed the participants, congratulated everybody on this holiday of Valaam and thanked the Patriarch of All Russia, all members of the clergy, representatives of all traditional confessions for their actions in strengthening of religious grounds in our country," he told reporters on Monday.

"In addition to that, the president noted that one should not forget those who work, fight and, unfortunately, give their lives serving our Motherland. In this regard he also mentioned the Russian pilots heroically fallen in Syria, who gave their lives to strengthen our security," he said.

Putin addressed the patriarch and other members of the clergy with a request not to forget about those who gave their lives and to pray for them, he said.

Peskov said that Putin will remain at Valaam for the rest of the day and will work in Moscow on Tuesday.

As reported earlier, two Russian military instructor pilots were killed near Palmyra on July 8 when the Syrian Mi-25 helicopter they were piloting was shot down by terrorists from ISIL, terrorist group banned in Russia.