2016-07-12 17:22:00

Lawyer for U.S. pastor files appeal against order to leave Russia issued by Samara court

Samara, July 12, Interfax - The Samara Region Court will hear the appeal filed against the ruling of Samara's Sovetsky District Court on deportation of U.S. pastor James Mulcahy from Russia, his lawyer, Karina Arutyunyan, said.

"Today, I have filed a letter of appeal with the Samara Region Court," Arutyunyan told Interfax.

She expects that the court of appeal will pronounce a judgment within a month or two.

Mulcahy does not plan to expect results of the appeal in Samara and is going to leave Russia soon.

"The pastor cannot wait in Russia, as he's got things to do and has no time to run around our Russian courts of justice due to his age and health condition. He gave me power of attorney and with this, I will go representing him [everywhere], up to the European Court," she said.

It was reported earlier that on July 9, police detained a U.S. citizen in Samara on suspicion of illegal missionary activities on his part. Later on the day, a local court ordered the pastor to leave Russia within 15 days for violating the visa regime.

According to the news agency's source in law enforcement agencies in the Samara region, Mulcahy had arrived in Samara to perform a marriage ceremony for a same-sex couple.

Lawyer Arutyunyan, in turn, called the allegation "an absolute lie". "No lectures, no 'marriages' - nothing like this had been planned," Arutyunyan said.