2016-07-18 11:12:00

Russia shuts down ISIL marriage website

Moscow, July 18, Interfax - A bride search engine used by militants from ISIL (terrorist group banned in Russia) has been shut down on the order of the Russian Prosecutor General's Office, the case files have been sent to the Russian Investigative Committee (RIC) for a criminal inquiry, the oversight agency's spokesperson Alexander Kurennoy said.

Given the presence of the elements of crime as per the Criminal Code article on the "public incitement of terrorism or public justification of terrorism," the Tatarstan Prosecutor's sent the case files to the RIC's local branch to consider launching a criminal inquiry, the spokesman said.

The Russian Criminal Code punishes for this crime with up to five years of imprisonment.

"The website posted ads that offered women to marry Islamic State mujahiddeens participating in the 'holy war against the infidels'," Kurennoy said.

The website also provided information on the potential grooms' preferences: a bride's age, loyalty, obedience and so on.

"In some cases, young women were selected as 'second' wives for militants. Those wishing to relocate to Syria were offered assistance," the spokesman said.

"The website's topics boiled down to ISIL propaganda and justifying terrorism. Such marriage ads urged an indefinite circle of female Internet users to join illegal armed groups in a foreign state," he said.