2016-08-10 14:16:00

Jewish community of Russia urges to exclude Lebanon team from participation in the Olympic Games

Moscow, August 10, Interfax - The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia is outraged with the behavior of the Lebanese athletes in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and urges the International Olympic Committee to take tough measures.

"Unfortunately, disgusting manifestation of anti-Semitism darkened the Olympic backgrounds, which have already been excessively politicized. There should be competition among sport teams, but it should never extend to the insults on national grounds. The latest developments have undermined the very spirit of the Olympics and contradict the peaceful idea of the Olympic Games," head of the FJCR public relations Boruch Gorin said in his statement conveyed to Interfax-Religion on Wednesday.

Thus he commented on the incident, which took place during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Athletes from Lebanon and Israel in compliance with the schedule set up by the Games organizers should share the bus for going to the Maracana stadium. However, Lebanon athletes did not allow the Israel team to border the bus. The latter had to change the bus.

"There is a common saying that sport and more over the Olympic Games are out of politics. Unfortunately, we see that this principle is toughly violated. This situation is from the kind of the anti-Semitic incidents which have already happened at the international competitions where Israeli and Arab athletes participated. It is an alarming symptom when the atmosphere of hatred penetrates the Olympics," Gorin said.

It is not clear for him why the International Olympic Committee reacted to the incident with a reprimand only.

"I think that in cases of such aggressive xenophobia they should speak about exclusion of the team from further participation in the Games. We urge the IOC to react in such a way that will give others a lesson for the future so that no one will ever wish to behave like this," the FJCR spokesman stressed.