2016-08-11 10:00:00

Uzbek customs officers find memory cards with religious extremist materials transported by passenger from Novosibirsk in chocolate boxes

Tashkent, August 11, Interfax - The Uzbek Customs arrested a passenger attempting to smuggle 300 memory cards containing extremist materials into the country.

"During the customs inspection of the passengers arriving via a flight from Novosibirsk in the city of Namangan in the Fergana Valley, the boxes of chocolates, in which over 300 memory cards contacting the materials of a religious extremism nature had been hidden, were discovered in the hand baggage of a citizen," a representative of the Uzbek State Customs Committee told Interfax.

A spot check at the airport showed that the electronic data storage devices contain materials with calls for creation of 'the Islamic caliphate,' the representative said.

The experts from the Religious Affairs Committee are currently engaged in examinations of the materials on the memory cards.

The criminal case is opened on these grounds, the investigation is underway.

According to the Uzbek State Customs Committee, the customs officers and other law enforcement officials of the republic prevented smuggling of over 50,000 materials of a religious extremism nature into the country in 2015.