2016-08-17 10:03:00

Russian Olympic athletes are in wonderful mood - the team father confessor

Moscow, August 17, Interfax - Father confessor of the Russian Olympic team, rector of St. Dimitry Church in Severnoye Butovo (district in the south east of Moscow) Archpriest Andrey Alexeyev tells about high mobilization of Russian athletes.

"Today our team is in very good condition. These people had to overcome trials and hardships and it made them concentrate innerly, and today, understanding their responsibility they worthily and nobly do their work representing a great country here, in these difficult conditions," Father Andrey said in his interview with Interfax-Religion.

According to him, Russian athletes manifest their dedication and not only desire to achieve results at the sports grounds, but also "to show dignity."

"It gives credit to our athletes and distinguish them from other participants in the Olympic Games, who unfortunately are often here," the priest said.

The priest also said that athletes often ask him to support, to pray, to attend their competitions, ask personal questions, questions caused by their interest to church life, address requests to pray for their parents, as "they worry a lot."

Answering the question what interesting incidents he can recall for the recent Olympic days the interviewee of the agency said that Russian athlete Stefania Yelfutina before winning a bronze medal in yachting together with her parents attended the all-night vigil in St. Zinaida Church in Rio de Janeiro.

"She came to pray to the all-night vigil, a tremulous soul of a person who searches God and hurries to the church in the evening, on the eve of trials. I remember vivid events connected with our handball team. We have warm relations with girls from the team. I attend their competitions on their request," the priest said.