2016-08-24 15:55:00

Barring of Russian Paralympians from Olympics crime against morals - Russian Orthodox Church

Moscow, August 24, Interfax - Archpriest Andrey Alexeyev, personal priest of the Russian Olympians, said he sees the barring of the Russian Paralympic team from the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro as a crime against morals.

"When I look at these events and analyze the reasons of what has occurred as a priest, I see this news as a crime against morals," the priest told Interfax-Religion.

People for whom the efforts made to train for the Paralympics and any activity in general are already a heroic deed were hurt in this situation, he said. "These people are weak, and hurting such people has always been considered a major sin. The athletes trained, overcoming pain and making a lot of effort, but they turned out to be removed from the event for which they had honestly prepared not only for the past four years, but throughout their entire lives," the priest said.

"While justifying a sinner who has committed lawlessness, we cannot justify the lawlessness itself, which is manifested to us in its poor nakedness, because a place where lies, slander and immorality are present is ruled by a force that always opposes God and aims to destroy peace, unity and love," the priest said.