2016-09-12 12:18:00

Thousands of people gather for Kurban Bayram celebration in Moscow Cathedral Mosque

Moscow, September 12, Interfax - Thousands of Muslims gathered on Monday for a prayer marking the Kurban Bayram holiday (feast of sacrifice) in the Moscow Cathedral Mosque.

Traffic is limited on the streets leading to the mosque. The streets are full of thousands of believers. Hundreds of police officers are maintaining order at the site, an Interfax correspondent reported.

"Unfortunately, we have witnessed bloody wars in holy lands that were previously enlightenment centers of Muslim culture and the cradle of Islam. Terrorists use our religion as a cover to sow enmity and hatred and shed innocent blood. We angrily condemn any crimes targeted against people, their rights and freedoms, and call for immediate repentance," Ravil Gainutdin, head of the Russian Council of Muftis, said in his congratulatory address to believers.

He called on Muslims to have mercy on each other, comfort the poor and help the needy.

The celebrations in Moscow are taking place not only in mosques, but also at specially provided sites in different parts of the city.