2016-10-06 12:53:00

Karaulova university professor tells court how she started wearing dark body-covering clothes and studying Arabic

Moscow, October 6, Interfax - A university professor of MSU student Alexandra Ivanova (Varvara Karaulova), who is charged with an attempt to join the terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIL, banned in Russia), told the court she had started wearing dark long clothes and a head covering to classes.

"She dressed normally when she was a first-year student, but then it was noticed that she had changed her clothing style. The style involved dark clothing, which covered her entire body. She wore a dark-brown headscarf in my classes, but her face was open," Stanislav Bushev, deputy dean of the Philosophy Department of Moscow State University, who appeared in the Moscow District Military Court as a witness, said.

Bushev said Karaulova had applied to study Arabic in her second year at university.

Bushev also said some faculty members were discussing the student's change of religion.

"Karaulova did not say directly, but some faculty members said she had changed her religion," he said.

The professor also said the student had become absent-minded in classes in her second year at university.

He also said Karaulova did not have any problems with her studies.

"She fulfilled all academic requirements, she never had to retake an exam," he said.

The student went missing in Moscow on May 27, 2015 after she left for university but did not show up for classes. In early June, it was reported that 13 Russians (including Karaulova), who allegedly planned to join the terrorist organization Islamic State, had been detained on the Turkish-Syrian border. Karaulova returned to Moscow on June 11. She later changed her name.

According to earlier reports, Ivanova (Karaulova) was charged with an attempt to participate in a terrorist organization.

According to the case materials, Ivanova (Karaulova) admitted her guilt when she was questioned as an accused person. The student's parents said the young woman could not overcome her pathological infatuation with her virtual boyfriend, who turned out to be a recruiter for Islamists.