2016-10-14 12:34:00

Rabbi Lazar criticizes Russia for supporting UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem

Moscow, October 14, Interfax - Russia's —hief Rabbi Berel Lazar has criticized the UNESCO Executive Committee, which has recently voted for a resolution not mentioning the connection between Jews and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

"The recent UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem is an insult to the feelings of all believing Jews and it fully undermines in our eyes the authority of this organization," the rabbi was quoted as saying by his press service on Friday.

The document in question spoke about a special connection between Islam and Jerusalem without mentioning the rights of Jews to the holy places of the city. The resolution was supported by the delegations of Russia, China, Algeria, Bangladesh, Morocco, Oman, Lebanon, Qatar, and Iran.

"I am shocked by the voting by the Russian delegation in UNESCO. It is very strange that Russia, which attaches so much importance to the preservation of historical heritage and which until now has consistently fought any falsification of history, has supported an open fake this time," Lazar said.

He said the holy books that are common both to Jews and Christians prove that Jerusalem is holy to Jews.

"Even if UNESCO officials do not recognize the authority of the holy books, they should at least look at the results of the archeological excavations in this city. They indicate that Jerusalem was an unquestionable spiritual center for Jews and a center of our faith and tradition for centuries," Lazar said.

Lazar said he believes the fact that all religions can now support their holy places in Jerusalem and that all holy places of different religions in the city are reliably protected "is only thanks to the Jewish state, its laws, its law enforcement bodies and security services."

The situation with the Temple Mount periodically aggravates. The aggravation is accompanied by clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police, Muslims, and Jews.