2016-10-25 18:16:00

Patriarch Kirill urges not to lose head hunting for likes in social nets

Moscow, October 25, Interfax - Communication in social nets should not deprive a person of common sense and mislead him, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia said.

"You should be careful going along this field, so that not to lose your head, not to create illusions: how easy, free, nice and simple everything is, I told him, he responded... Then vanity and overconfidence start working, especially when some "cool" expressions collect likes. People like it, it means I become popular and my way of thinking and style of expressing is correct," the patriarch said on Tuesday speaking to the participants in The Faith and the Word international festival in Moscow.

However, according to the patriarch, the way of thinking and style of expressing it may be absolutely incorrect, but "a person, inspired by this virtual support, loses benchmarks in life."

The patriarch urges those who work in virtual field not to spend inner potential on "the noise," on empty words.

"Information field is an explosive field. On one hand, there is freedom and a person can easily step into this field, but on the other hand, a mined field also looks nice, if a person does not know what is hidden in it. You can easily blow up on this mined field, you need mine detectors, you need to have the feel," he stressed.