2016-10-25 18:34:00

Works of art shouldn't incite hatred on religious or other grounds

Moscow, October 25, Interfax - The censorship is unacceptable, but called for not confusing it with a government contract for some productions, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

"Censorship is unacceptable. This issue was repeatedly discussed at presidential meetings with representatives of the theater and movie industry community. However, it is necessary to clearly differentiate plays or productions which are created with governmental funding and attract other sources of financing," Peskov told reporters.

He was commenting thus on statements of Satyricon Theater head Konstantin Raikin about an increase in censorship in Russia and growing interference of the government in art.

"Naturally, if the state provides funds for any production, the state is entitled to determine a certain subject, the state orders works of art on the certain subjects," Peskov said.

"As of the works of art, which are being created without governmental funding, the main thing is not to breach the provisions of the current legislation. Which means countering extremism, inciting hatred on religious or other grounds," he said.

"In other worlds, the main criterion is compliance with the current legislation. But censorship is certainly by no means acceptable," Peskov said.