2016-10-27 17:15:00

Berel Lazar thanks the pontiff for supporting Israel

Moscow, October 27, Interfax - Pope Francis of Rome protected Israel from slender, chief rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar believes.

"Words of gratitude from the pope to Israeli government are the best response to those who have spread slanderous rumors that Israel, or even broader - Jews - oppress Christians," Lazar told Interfax-Religion on Thursday.

Thus, he commented the pontiff's recent words that the Jewish people were exiled from Egypt and wandered along the desert until they reached the land promised to Israeli people by God. The pope of Rome also thanked Israel government for preserving Christian heritage.

"Statement made by Pope Francis of Rome repeats the well-known truth, but it has been left behind in recent years for some reason. The Torah, which both Jews and Christians recognize as a holy book, clearly says that the Land of Israel was promised to the seed of the Jewish forefather Abraham," he said.

As was reported, there were discussions around the UNESCO resolution negating Jewish ties to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Lazar said that this document "insults feelings of all believing Jews and entirely undermines the authority of this organization in our eyes."