2016-10-31 18:16:00

Russia to counter efforts of incitement of inter-ethnic, inter-faith hatred - Putin

Astrakhan, October 31, Interfax - Russia will counter the trends towards the incitement of inter-ethnic conflicts and the erosion of traditional values, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"The trends towards the erosion of traditional values and the incitement of inter-ethnic, inter-faith hatred and clashes increase in the world today. We certainly should and will counter these destructive trends," Putin said at a meeting of the Presidential Council for Inter-Ethnic Relations in Astrakhan on Monday.

He said that a "key part in that belongs to the social and spiritual unity of our people."

Putin also said that owing to the state national policy carried out in the country "Russia is successfully countering the global threats, extremism and terrorism."

"Warning and prevention of ethnic and religious conflicts are of a great importance," Putin said. As a result, about 80% citizens of the country consider the relations between the people of different nationalities friendly or normal, he said.

"According to the polls, only 55% citizens made such an evaluation several years ago," he said.

Calling "an increase in a number of the people, who evaluate the situation in the field of the inter-ethnic relations this way, certainly a good sign," Putin added that "this is not a reason to lessen the attention to the issues of prevention of extremism and inter-ethnic tensions."