2016-11-03 13:13:00

Student Karaulova did not succumb to persuasion to leave her dog after adopting Islam

Moscow, November 3, Interfax The Moscow State University student Alexandra Ivanova (Varvara Karaulova), who is charged with an attempt to join the terrorist organization Islamic State (banned in Russia), failed to leave her dog considered an unclean animal in Islam.

Her new Muslim friends persuaded her to do it in their Internet chats, the Moskovsky Komsomolets daily writes on Thursday.

"It is not a toy... First, I took it, then I will give it back," Ivanova was quoted as saying by the prosecutor at a session of the Moscow District Military Court.

According to earlier reports, Ivanova (Karaulova) was charged with an attempt to participate in a terrorist organization. Ivanova (Karaulova) admitted her guilt when she was questioned as an accused person. The student's parents said the young woman could not overcome her pathological infatuation with her virtual boyfriend, who turned out to be a recruiter for Islamists.

The student went missing in Moscow on May 27, 2015 after she left for university but did not show up for classes. In early June, it was reported that 13 Russians (including Karaulova), who allegedly planned to join the terrorist organization Islamic State, had been detained on the Turkish-Syrian border. Karaulova returned to Moscow on June 11. She later changed her name.

Witnesses said that she had started wearing dark long clothes and a head covering, and her father said that she had taken off her Orthodox cross, but he had not paid any attention to it.

The investigators believe the young woman had continued talking to the ISIL recruiter after returning home and intended to go to Syria again.