2016-11-28 17:02:00

Mufti of Ukraine is afraid that the country will be turned in ISIS territory

Moscow, November 28, Interfax - Head of the Spiritual Muslim Board of Ukraine Ahmed Tamim urges not to turn the country in a foothold of the Islamic State terrorist organization (banned in Russia.)

"We would not like to make a new territory for the so-called ISIS. We know what other countries do, and those countries, which opened a corridor to them, we saw how they suffered," the mufti said at the meeting with the Supreme Rada speaker Andrey Paruby with members of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations.

He also spoke against politicization of religion.

"We are against of forming battalions on national or religious principle," Tamim said.

Lenur Islyamov, the organizer of the food and energy blockades of Crimea, announced a decision in December 2015 to create a Crimean Tatar battalion composed of 560 people to fulfill the tasks to return the peninsula to Ukraine set by the Ukrainian General Staff.

The volunteer battalion named after Noman Chelebidzhikhan, which is being created in the Kherson Region of Ukraine, which borders Crimea, has formal Crimean Tatar coloring, but is essentially, an Islamist group, Ruslan Balbek, deputy prime minister of the Crimean government told Interfax.

According to his information, the backbone of the battalion is composed of mercenaries that follow radical Islam, representatives of the organization Gray Wolves, ISIS members who have left Syria through Turkey, residents of Northern Africa.