2016-12-01 14:48:00

Leading Syrian theologian supported a legal ban on Wahhabism

Moscow, December 1, Interfax - Renowned Syrian theologian Tawfiq Ramadan al-Bouti stood for banning Wahhabism ban in Russia.

"At first stages, when Wahhabi ideology is penetrating the country it is better to fight against it by educating its ignorant bearers, but if the problem aggravates and there are Wahhabis among mufties as we see it in Russia today, then a legal ban is necessary," the theologian told Interfax in Moscow, where he came to participate in an international Islamic conference.

In 2013, Wahhabis blew up a mosque in Damask and killed al-Bouti's son and his father, prominent Sunni theologian Muhammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti.

Chechen mufti Salakh Mezhiyev told about the necessity of ban on Wahhabism in his interview with Interfax this October.