2016-12-30 13:00:00

Patriarch Kirill believes the word 'celebrations' inappropriate to 100th anniversary of October revolt

*** According to him, it is important not to repeat mistakes of the revolution

Moscow, December 30, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill says the word 'celebrations' is inappropriate referring to 100th anniversary of 1917 events.

"The thing is not to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the tragedy, but to remember this date consciously, accompanying it with deep reflections and sincere prayers, so that mistakes committed a hundred years ago should teach our nations not to make the same mistakes at the current stage of development," the patriarch said at the session of Supreme Church Council.

He believes that a hundred year anniversary should be spent in "special prayers about our peoples, our countries that once constituted one country, today are sovereign ones, but are connected with each other with tough historical, spiritual, cultural links."

"I think that we should dedicate this year to reflections about what has happened with our people, what these trials meant, and what spiritual conclusions we should make from the tragic history of the 20th century," the patriarch said.