2017-02-06 14:47:00

Fashion expert calls Islamic influence the most powerful trend in today's fashion

Moscow, February 6, Interfax - Renowned fashion expert Alexander Vasilyev believes Islam and the Middle East have strong influence on forming the style of contemporary fashion.

"Fashion on green and blue - colors of Islam. Eastern influence started long ago from the attack on the twin-towers in the USA. It remains the most powerful trend in fashion," Vasilyev said in his interview with the Rossiysskaya Gazeta on Monday.

According to him, today designers are inspired with the story of Syrian refugees.

"Shades of soil, long cloths, loose silhouettes. Women cover their heads with scarves, wear harem trousers, which we call Afghani, pointed toe shoes without heel," the expert said.

Vasilyev supposed that regional conflicts resulted in "refugee" style in fashion.

"Fashion peep today is men's boots, shapeless hand-me-down jackets, oversize sweatshirts. There is a fashion on holes, on ripped jeans, "I ran away wearing the things which were on me." Top fashion editions present this style: departing figures in long dresses in dark wood or desert, ragged, running somewhere," Vasilyev said.

The fashion expert added that advertising campaigns at the backgrounds of expensive automobiles and grand hotels have almost disappeared, "no one is interested in them."