2017-02-15 10:00:00

Israeli ambassador in Moscow hopes Russian leadership to prevent acts of antisemitism in Russia

Moscow, February 15, Interfax - Antisemitic statements are harmful to relations of Russia and Israel, Israeli Ambassador to Russia Gary Koren said, expressing hope that Russian leadership will prevent them and adding that he would welcome apologies of State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov.

"To some extent, such statements are potentially harmful to the perfectly developing relations between our countries. Relations with Russia are excellent, and we value the stance of the Russian leadership, this is why it is a little offensive when people, in particular, members of the United Russia party, make such statements," the ambassador told Interfax, commenting on Milonov's recent statement.

"We hope that the Russian leadership will take our concern into consideration and prevents such statements in the future," he said.

As reported, deputy Milonov said in conclusion of the sacred procession around St. Isaac's Cathedral: "Christians survived despite that fact that the ancestors of [members of the St. Petersburg's Legislative Assembly] Boris Lazarevich Vishnevsky and Maxim Lvovich Reznik had boiled us in cauldrons and fed us to animals."

"If this person finds the time to explain and apologize, as in the case with the State Duma deputy speaker last time, we will only welcome it," the ambassador said.

He said such statements are very badly received in Israel. "I see how heads of the Jewish communities in Russia react to that. I am very glad that non-Jewish people among the public and politicians also react to that negatively. It's more important," Koren said.