2017-02-28 17:06:00

Hegumen of a Moscow monastery together with divers searches for drowned churches in the Rybinsk Reservoir

Moscow, February 28, Interfax - Sacristan of St. Daniel Monastery in Moscow Hegumen Innokenty (Olkhovoy) participates in expeditions of divers in the Rybinsk Reservoir in the Yaroslavl Region.

"Our aim is to find drowned shrines of the Mologa District. There were many shrines here, many saints, six monasteries, so it is interesting for a priest," the hegumen was quoted as saying by the Pervy Canal.

Together with divers he dives to the bottom of the reservoir. Underwater survey will give a material for a 3D-model thanks to which everyone will be able to see the lost shrines.

In 1936, the town of Mologa together with other 700 villages was flooded with the waters of the Rybinsk Reservoir. 130,000 local residents were moved from their native places as an artificial sea and the hydropower station were build.

Churches and several monasteries were covered with water. One of them, the Leushino Convent, was the the major nunnery of the Russian North about 700 nuns had lived there before it was closed.