2017-03-22 13:59:00

Head of antic god or hero found at the construction site of the Crimean bridge

Moscow, March 22, Interfax - A terracotta head of a god or a hero supposedly created at the epoch of the Greek-Persian wars was found during the underwater archeological excavations at the sea part of the Crimean bridge.

The Archeological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences reports on Wednesday that it is the first finding of such kind in the North district of the Black Sea.

Underwater detachment of the Institute searched the bottom of the Kerch Straight in the zone of the bridge construction site. The most interesting archeological object was a collection of ancient ceramics at the bottom of the Kerch Bay, which archeologists started examining at the stage of designing the Crimean Bridge.

They managed to find out that the discovered archeological objects roots from the district of ancient port Panticapaeum and moved to Ak-Burun Cape in the 1970s during the works on deepening the bottom.

Over 60,000 finding were lifted up - mostly big fragments of imported ceramic vessels brought to Panticapaeum from the Mediterranean Sea and Asia Minor in the V BC - VII AD.

"However, the divers found the most interesting object - the full-scale head of a man only few days ago," archeologists said.

It is planned to accomplish archeological works on "ceramic collection" before the summer starts. Only when archeologists finish their work at a certain area, it is given further to builders.