2017-03-22 16:01:00

Church official believes Lenin will be buried sooner or later

Moscow, March 22, Interfax - The Russian Church official is sure that Lenin's body should be buried when there are enough preconditions for it.

"I believe that Lenin certainly should be moved out and I am sure this question will be settled sooner or later," head of the Synodal Department for Church, Society and Media Relations Vladimir Legoyda said on air Dozhd TV channel.

According to him, it will take place "when it doesn't give grounds for splits."

Legoyda does not agree that "sometimes they make a touchstone of it: if you are an Orthodox Christian, you should demand to bury Lenin's body, if you don't agree that he should be buried tomorrow, then what an Orthodox Christian you are."

The church official also gave his personal evaluation of Stalin's personality. Answering the question whether he considers him "an executor", Legoyda said, "From my point of view, yes."