2017-03-24 09:30:00

Sixty-eight percent of citizens oppose monarchy in Russia - poll

Moscow, March 24, Interfax - Most Russians (68%) are against a monarchy in Russia, the All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) said.

Some one-fourth of the respondents are not against such type of Russian state administration: six percent are "for monarchy and can name the person suitable for the role of the sole ruler" and 22% "are generally not against monarchy, but do not see a person who could become a monarch."

At the same time, responding to a direct question about what form of governance is more suitable to the Russian state today, only eight percent named monarchy, in which power is inherited (11% in 2013), whereas 88% named a republic (against 82% previously).

The percentage of respondents who are tolerant of monarchy is the highest primarily among respondents aged 18-24 (33%) and 25-34 (35%), residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg (37%), active Internet users (33%), and supporters of parties not represented in the parliament (34%).

Supporters of the idea of restoring monarchy in Russia support their position by saying that they want to see one person in power (10%), that it is a traditional system for Russia (8%), more order (8%) and stability (5%).

The main arguments presented by opponents of the monarchy are adherence to democratic principles (16%) and a negative evaluation of the autocracy era in Russia (13%).

VTsIOM conducted nationwide phone polls surveying 1,200-1,800 respondents on March 16-18.

The debate on the possibility of monarchy being revived in Russia began in March after statements made by Sergey Aksyonov, the head of Crimea, on a television program.