2017-03-24 10:55:00

Russia, France need to pool efforts to protect world from dangers of globalism, Islamic fundamentalism - Le Pen (updated)

Moscow, March 24, Interfax - The world is facing two increasingly serious threats today, Marine Le Pen, the leader of France's National Front and a presidential candidate, said on Friday.

"This new world taking shape right before our eyes now is already facing two gigantic, monumental challenges, namely globalism and Islamic fundamentalism," Le Pen said at a meeting with members of the Russian State Duma international affairs committee in Moscow.

Islamic fundamentalism is delivering blows to peace and security by committing acts of terrorism, she said.

As far as globalism is concerned, all trade is supposed to be tightly regulated, Le Pen said, adding that, at the same time, "freedom of action, a carte blanche has been given to those who want to dictate these rules [of trade]."

When commenting on fundamentalism, Le Pen said that countries were changing their position under the influence of its hostile policy, and "France has already paid its price because of this position and is bearing a heavy burden."

Russia is making its undeniable contribution to the fight against Islamic fundamentalism, she said.

"I think that our two nations ought to pool efforts in order to defeat these two challenges and put up proper resistance to them," Le Pen said.