2017-03-30 13:36:00

Scientologists in the Moscow Region were searched in connection with dozen thousand dollar income from adepts attracted in Petersburg

St. Petersburg, March 30, Interfax - Dozen thousand dollar income of the Petersburg community made on selling educational programs to new adepts gave the reason for initiating a criminal case about illegal business activities of scientologists in frames of which searches in the Moscow Region were carried out, press service of the Federal Security Service (FSB) for Petersburg and the Leningrad Region told Interfax.

"The work of scientologists is based on inviting people to their centers. They met people in the streets and invite them to a room where they offer them tests and a program of self improvement. People pay money for this supposedly educational program. So it refers to shady business that is not taxed. This business was controlled by the Moscow Region center that is now searched," the FSB administration said.

The interviewee of the agency said that the accusation referred to dozen thousand dollar income. "No one is detained in the frames of the case. The searches on the case about illegal business activity of scientologists were carried out in Petersburg in summer 2016," the FSB press service said.