2017-03-31 12:04:00

Russian scientologists brought out to the USA about $54 million - media reports

Moscow, March 31, Interfax - "The Church of Scientology" exported about $54 million in form of donations to their USA head office for the last three years, the Izvestia paper writes on Friday.

"When a person comes to scientologists for help, he is treated by the things similar to aconite. This substance is considered a homeopathic medicine, but it is used for recruiting in the center," former official of the Moscow Criminal Investigation detective Vyacheslav Dyomin said as he had been involved in bringing scientology adepts back to normal life.

According to him, aconite has been recently substituted by chemicals - they help suppress will and reduce physiological barriers before manipulations.

As was reported, the FSB officials searched premises of the scientologist head office in the Moscow Region in frames of a criminal case on illegal business investigated by FSB administration for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.