2017-03-31 18:27:00

Amendments to law on education imply renunciation of ban on wearing symbols of various religions by pupils - Chechen authorities

Moscow, March 31, Interfax - Amendments to the regional law on education adopted by the Chechen parliament allow pupils wear hijabs, as well as clothes representing other religious beliefs, the authorities of the Chechen Republic told Interfax.

"The adopted law does not ban wearing hijabs, as well as symbols of other religions," the representative of the Chechen authorities said.

"The article 23.1 introduced in the law 'On education in the Chechen Republic' does not contradict the article 38 of the federal law 'On education in the Russian Federation.' This is not about hijabs only, it's about the right to wear clothes in accordance with religious and national traditions, if it is not against the federal law," the representative said.

The bill adopted by the Chechen parliament includes the legal norm that while setting up dress code requirements, educational establishments should take into consideration the right of pupils to wear clothes or symbols in accordance with national traditions and religious beliefs, if it is not against the federal legislation and not harmful to their health and does not infringe on other people's rights and freedoms, the parliament's press service said on Friday.

The discussion surrounding wearing hijabs in Russian schools become intense again in early January. Commenting on the ban from wearing headscarves imposed on pupils and teachers of a school in the Tatar village of Belozerye in Mordovia, Education and Science Minister Olga Vasilyeva said that schoolchildren should not emphasize their religion by wearing symbols. Chechen head Ramzan Kadyrov and mufti of Tatarstan Kamil Samigullin criticized this statement.

However, on February 2015, the Russian Supreme Court recognized as legal the requirements for schoolchildren's appearance approved by the government of Mordovia and banning, in particular, wearing religious clothes and headwear, such as hijabs, in educational establishments of the region.