2017-04-10 10:51:00

Russian Muslims accuse U.S. of aggression against Syria

Moscow, April 10, Interfax - The missile strike launched by the United States against a Syrian government military airbase in Homs province was an act of aggression, the Russian Spiritual Muslim Board said.

"Quite recently our delegation was in Syria. We have a lot of friends in that country are receiving from them credible information about what happened in Homs province yesterday [on Friday]. So we cannot be misled. We urge the U.S., Europe, and the fraternal Muslim countries to think about consequences of such an aggressive policy. Do not forget that, after all, our world is one and only and, alas, it is very fragile," the Muslim Board said in a statement obtained by Interfax-Religion.

Hopefully, "common sense would still prevail over the short-lived, narrowly-selfish political interests, which seem to be entirely domestic," the Muslim Board said.