2017-04-10 15:24:00

The Svyatogorsk Laura calls information about FSS certificate allegedly given to its rector trolling

Moscow, April 10, Interfax - The Svyatogorsk Laura of the Donetsk Region calls "fake" a piece of information about discovered FSS certificate that allegedly belongs to the rector of the monastery Metropolitan Arseny.

"Groundless accusations of the Svyatogorsk Laura or demonic madness of the media before Easter for thirty pieces of silver," thus we can call the reaction of the Internet community to the "sensational" statement (about the certificate - IF)," the Laura Information and Education Department said in a statement posted at its website.

The monastery official said that this certificate was "a fake, a thing posted by trolls" and noted that firstly a false page of Hegumen Feofan (Lukyanov) in VKontakte social net was used for spreading the "pseudo-sensation." The hegumen called the posted news "absurd."

The authors of the statement stressed that such attack against the rector was especially insulting for forced migrants "who saw so much good and help from the Svyatogorsk Laura."

The Laura officials report that the mentioned "sensation" was posted in Facebook, but its moderators have already deleted it.