2017-04-12 17:01:00

The Russian Church states it hasn't blessed golden iPhones with prayers and calls it vulgar

Moscow, April 12, Interfax - The Russian Orthodox Church disproved information of certain media that it allegedly blessed sale of golden iPhones.

"I would like to pay attention of colleagues-journalists that there was no blessing of the Russian Orthodox Church on selling luxe models of mobile phones. Wording "the ROC blessed (...) is absolute deceit," head of the patriarchal press service Priest Alexander Volkov wrote on his page in a social net.

He stressed that such wording should be blessed by the patriarch or decision of the synod that "cannot exist in relation to such things, and certain actions of a bishop (we need to clear it out the way it happened) do not give grounds for such generalization."

"From the manufacturer's point of view, any means fit for an aggressive advertising campaign, but it is not fair to do such things. It is vulgar," the priest said.

Earlier, some media reported that a private company issued and blessed golden iPhone 7 with text of "Our Father" and "Save and protect" engraved on it. It was claimed that Bishop Avgustin of Gorodets and Vetluga blessed first phones from the series.