2017-04-27 12:22:00

FJCR urges Trump to prove his adherence to struggling against anti-Semitism

Moscow, April 27, Interfax - The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia hopes that American President Trump's promise to struggle against anti-Semitism will be implemented.

"I hope that a precise program will follow these words," head of the FJCR Public Relations Department Boruch Gorin was quoted as saying by the federation press service.

Thus he commented Trump's speech in the USA Congress at the ceremony of commemorating the Holocaust victims where the American President promised to struggle against anti-Semitism and called negation of the Holocaust one of its manifestations. Besides, at his Facebook page Trump declared the last week of April the days of commemorating the Holocaust victims.

According to Gorin, existing instruments of struggling against anti-Semitism are not effective any more.

"Antisemitism has successfully mimicked and disguised in a movement of supporting the depressed, and thus achieved access to the leading world media and tribunes of international organizations, and took control over university campuses. A part of intellectuals (including certain Jews) were attracted by this movement as their guilt complex for "atrocities of colonizers" prevented them from seeing the old dogmas beneath the new pictures," he said.