2017-04-27 21:26:00

Lenin should be buried out of compassion for his soul, Russian Muslims and Jews believe

Moscow, April 27, Interfax - Lenin's soul languishes expecting burial of his body, Russian Muslims and Jews believe.

"If we speak from theological point of view, we need to bury his body as soon as possible, because until his body is buried, his soul is hanging around," imam of the Moscow Memorial mosque Shamil Alyautdinov said in program Hard to be with God on Dozhd TV channel speaking about Lenin's burial.

He believes that "while Lenin's body is not buried, it is a kind of torture for him, perhaps it is a form of God's punishment."

"From the point of Islam, even if it is a dead body, he should be treated with respect as a living person. It will be right to bury him out of respect," Alyautdinov said.

Head of the FJCR Public Relations Boruch Gorin believes that demonstration of Lenin's body is disrespect to him.

"It is prohibited to look at a dead body, that is why we bury a person on the same day, at least on the third day. Thus we show respect to the late. I believe that Vladimir Ilyich Lenin with his work and doctrine deserves that he has not been buried for hundred years. It is a curse," he said.

Gorin also said that "Lenin should be moved from Red Square" for political reasons "so that not to be heirs of doctrines that preached class struggle, extermination of great number of nonconformist people and so on."