2017-05-03 17:22:00

Rabbi Lazar compares Lenin in mausoleum to keeping dead grandfather in closet

Moscow, May 3, Interfax - Vladimir Lenin, who died in 1924, should be buried out of compassion for his soul, Russia's Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar said.

"I feel sorry for Lenin, he has lain there for so long and his soul is definitely waiting for him to be returned to the ground. It's our religious position. I don't want to say whether he is good or bad, although we all know what he did," Lazar said in an interview with Novaya Gazeta.

Mausoleums are not made anywhere in the world, "it's absurd," he said.

"Imagine if someone's grandfather has died and they keep him in the closet. Is that normal? I think they would be arrested," the rabbi said.

The rabbi said he has information that the number of people who believe that Lenin should be left in the mausoleum increased from 20% to 40% over the past five years.

"It's not a majority, but there is growth. They are saying again: 'There were some bad things under communism, but the ideology was not that bad.' It's definitely not good, and I think it is a consequence of both anti-American tendencies and the propaganda. I hope it won't last long," the rabbi said.