2017-05-03 18:30:00

The Church does not share an opinion that it is the Kremlin's "pocket" structure

Moscow, May 3, Interfax - The Russian church official does not share an opinion that it serves the interests of the acting authorities.

"It's a kind of myth created by contemporary media. The history and the character of our Church's interaction with the state much differs from the Church in the West," deputy head of the Synodal Department for Church, Society and Media Relations Vakhtang Kipshidze said on air the Konfliktnaya Zona program on Deutsche Welle TV.

He also does not agree that the Moscow Patriarchate is "the government's pocket church" and a politicized structure.

"We speak about cooperation. Who uses it and for what purposes depend on a number of factors. If the Church is used to help the poor basing on the state, to promote family values then we stand for such exploitation of the Church if you put it like this. That is all. We are not used in a struggle of elites or other purposes. It is unthinkable and immoral for us," he said.

He noted that the Church supports the state as a public institute, as "a mechanism which is better than chaos."

"We cooperated with the state even when it struggled against Christianity as the state is a mechanism that tries to maintain order in society. As you know even when the Church was suppressed, it has never tried to subordinate or eradicate the regimen, it is not the task of the Church," Kipshidze said.