2017-05-05 16:32:00

Europe will be Muslim in several decades, head of the patriarchal commission believes

Moscow, May 5, Interfax - Head of the patriarchal commission on questions of family, protection of maternity and childhood Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov predicts the soonest decay of the Christian civilization.

"It is very few time left and the whole Christian civilization will just perish. Several decades are in store for it, maximum 30, in Russia it may last about 50 years, but not more," the priest said on air Soyuz TV channel.

According to him, "Christianity like peas will be sprinkled in European countries."

"Christians will seat quietly, will form small groups, they will be persecuted. The rehearsal has started: Christian women are raped, killed and men who have to protect their women (they give them a year of suspended sentence) do not have a possibility to do it. It is in Europe, and we are the next in the line," the priest said.

He reminded that Mohamed is the most wide spread name among newborns in England, "much more Muslims than Christians are born there."

"In three decades the whole Europe will be Muslim," the church official sums up and added that "Christians will live in semi-underground."