2017-05-10 13:52:00

Armenia's policy aimed against Islamic culture Aliyev

Baku, May 10, Interfax - Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has urged Islamic countries to abstain from cooperation with Armenia.

The United Nations and the Islamic Cooperation Organization have recognized Armenia as an aggressor, Aliyev said in an article published by the OIC Journal. He said he believed that the resolutions of those organizations should send a message to all Islamic countries intending to cooperate with Armenia. Armenia's policy is targeted not only against the religious and cultural values of Azerbaijan but also against the entire cultural and historical heritage of the Islamic world, he said.

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have not formally recognized Armenia because of its occupation of Azerbaijani lands; Turkey has no relations with Armenia; and five Islamic countries have formally recognized the Xocali Genocide at the state level, Aliyev said, noting that Azerbaijan saw those actions as a manifestation of the fraternal attitude to Azerbaijan and real support.

For the past 200 years Armenia has been shedding blood for the purpose of seizing historical Azerbaijani lands and creating a state of its own, and today's Armenia is built on historical Azerbaijani lands, Aliyev said.