2017-05-24 12:19:00

The Federation of Jewish Community of Russia criticizes Ukrainian political circles for heroizing Nazi symbols

Moscow, May 24, Interfax - The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia has criticized the statement made by director of Ukrainian National Memory Museum Vladimir Vyatrovich for not banning SS Galizien symbols and can be easily spread in Ukraine.

"Vyatrovich's words brightly demonstrate the level of activity of acting Ukrainian establishment on heroizing pro-Nazi collaborationists," FJCR president Alexander Boroda was quoted as saying by his press-service.

Boroda reminded Vyatrovich about the decision of the Nurnberg tribunal, which recognized SS troops a criminal organization.

"TUNMM director's statement is the next attempt to give grounds to heroizing pro-Nazi collaborationists. Such heroization is dangerous to Ukraine as alongside with new 'heroes' they lift to pedestal the ideology they sticked to: 'Ukraine for Ukrainians." Such ideology is the best way to blow up interethnic relations in such a multinational country as Ukraine," he summed up.