2017-05-30 10:44:00

Russian Orthodox Spiritual and Cultural Center combines Russian traditions, Paris architecture Putin

Paris, May 30, Interfax - Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Russian Orthodox Spiritual and Cultural Center located on Quai Branly in the historic heart of Paris on Monday evening.

Jean-Michelle Willmotte, the author of the design project, Anne Hidalgo, the Paris mayor, and heads of the metropolitan area welcomed the Russian president.

"This project is implemented well," the president said. "You were able to combine the Russian traditions and the architecture of Paris," Putin told the architect.

Wilmotte, who showed the miniature of all buildings of the center to the president, said that in his work he had tried to fit the new complex of modern glass and metal buildings seamlessly with the historical buildings in this part of Paris.

"The Russian house fit with the quarter harmoniously. Nothing was done at random. It is the most exciting project in my life," he said.

"The center's building is alive, it provides benefits," the Paris mayor said. "This ensemble has become a part of the Parisian silhouette. It's a true work of art," Hidalgo said.

Rachida Dati, the mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, agreed with her, and she particularly pointed out that "Parisians acknowledged the center as their own."

The president visited the academic building in the center's territory later. He attended the exhibition on the First World War (1914-1918) shown there. French historian and archeologist Pierre Malinovsky told the Russian president about excavations he has been carrying out at the combat sites of the Russian Expeditionary Force, which had been sent to help the allied France, for several years.

The historian told the president that he intends to continue the historical expedition at the combat sites involving Russian troops. He is planning to invite Russian students studying history to take part in a long-term research project this summer.