2017-06-05 15:10:00

Patriarch Kirill drew a parallel between spiritual life and mobile connection

*** God's voice in human life often sounds louder than voice his interlocutor over the phone

Moscow, June 5, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia tells how to 'get linked to' spiritual world.

"We all use cellular phones, but it is not the phone itself that conveys information to people we call. We are surrounded by invisible energetic field and we get linked to this field with the help of the phone. The Holy Spirit is also spiritual energetic power that embraces the whole universe," the patriarch said after the liturgy celebrated on Sunday, the Feast of the Holy Trinity, in St. Sergius Holy Trinity Lavra.

He said that "neither phone, nor scientific and technical progress, nor power of reason can help us to get linked to this field."

"We plug in this divine force through our faith, through baptism and chrismation, through prayer. And God's voice in our life often sounds louder than any voice we hear over the phone. God's voice is reflected in our mind, in our conscience," the primate said.

According to him, when people, especially in hard times turn to God, they get the answer.

"If we had not got the answer, we would not have come to this square, no one would have built these churches, this beauty. All these things are done because people feel God's presence in their hearts and souls," the patriarch stressed.