2017-06-09 10:17:00

Three extremists spreading radical Islam ideas convicted in Uzbekistan

Tashkent, June 9, Interfax - Two active propagators of religious extremism ideas were sentenced to three and seven years, their accomplice was sentenced to two years and six months of correctional labor in Uzbekistan's Ferghana Region, a representative of the court in the city of Margilan said.

"For spreading materials with extremism-related content forbidden in the republic Gairatzhon Pakhriddinov is sentenced to seven years of imprisonment, Khatiyatillo Kamolov to three years, Abdumalik Khasanov is sentenced to two years and six months of correctional labor with 20% of salary deducted in favor of the state," the court representative told Interfax.

The investigation has established that Pakhriddinov has received from his acquaintance a disk with the recordings of statements issued by Jihadism ideological leader Abdulloh kori, he said. Having transferred the materials to a laptop, he began to actively spread it among his acquaintances and family members and has arranged their home screening.

Third defendant in the case Khasanov has also passed Pakhriddinov religious extremism materials, which were illegally transported on a disk by his woman family member from Kyrgyzstan. The disk contained radical Islamism follower Rafik kori Kamalov' recordings.

During the special operation employees of the national security service and the law enforcement agencies have detained all of the three extremists. During the search at Pakhriddinov's home a laptop, which contained different religious materials, has been discovered and seized.

The examination revealed that they were aimed at toppling the current constitutional order in Uzbekistan and contained a threat to public safety and order in the republic. At the same time, similar materials are forbidden for delivery and spreading in the country by the legislation.