2017-06-21 10:14:00

Russia doesn't persecute LGBT but bans forcing this orientation on children Lavrov

Moscow, June 21, Interfax - The Russian law banning propaganda of homosexuality among minors does not infringe on the rights of the LGBT community members, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

"I don't remember that I've heard or read about such a judgment. There are lots of them, and lots of people complain," Lavrov said at a press conference in Moscow, when asked to comment on the European Court of Human Rights judgment finding this Russian law as discriminatory.

"But I'd like to point out again what we've already said before: we don't have any persecution for this or that orientation in this or that field, including orientation in the LGBT sphere," he said.

"The only thing that we don't like and that our law bans is the imposition of this orientation on underage citizens of Russia. Nothing more than that," he said.