2017-07-19 13:32:00

The Ecumenical Patriarch called the Donbass conflict a "fratricidal war" and prayed for peace in Ukraine

***Perhaps, he tries to tune relations with the Moscow Patriarchate paper

Moscow, July 19, Interfax - Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople addressed his message to Ukrainian journalists and called the conflict in Donbass "a fratricidal war."

"We send our blessing, love and concern for each and every Ukrainian, without any exception. We pray for the unity of the Ukrainian people. We pray for peace in Ukraine. Our hope is that fratricidal war would cease," he said in his message posted by official website of the Constantinople Patriarchate.

Commenting the patriarch's message, NG-Religii supposes that Patriarch Bartholomew's address is also "a signal to the Moscow Patriarchate that Constantinople wants to start a dialogue and improve bilateral relations."

"The question is to what degree the Ecumenical Patriarch is ready to compromise and waive his ambitions," the edition wonders.