2017-08-21 10:37:00

Putin proposes creating 'Russian Mecca' in Khersones

Sevastopol, August 21, Interfax - A 'Russian Mecca' ought to be set up in Khersones since the town has become a basis for the consolidation of the Russian statehood, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"A Russian Mecca should be created here. It's not that Prince Vladimir was baptized here, but after that, it was here that the consolidation of the centralized Russian state began," Putin said during his meeting with scientists in the Tauric Chersonese (aka Khersones Tavrichesky) National Preserve.

He said that they united basing on one market, one language, one faith and the prince's authority.

"Here are four main things that resulted in setting up (...) united national Russian state, and in fact, the Russian nation. This place has a unique significance for our state, for our people, for our statehood," Putin said.

Before the meeting, the president suggested to discuss aspects of spiritual component of the program on developing Crimea and Sevastopol.