2017-08-22 10:03:00

Kazakhstan planning to ban wearing clothing of 'destructive ideological movements'

Astana, August 22, Interfax - Kazakhstan is planning to prohibit by law spreading and promoting beliefs of "destructive ideological movements" in media, as well as wearing clothing attributed to them, the press service of the Kazakh Religious Affairs and Civil Society Ministry said.

The leadership of the Kazakh Muslims Spiritual Department, imams, and religious scholars discussed the bill 'On introducing amendments and additions to certain laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the issues of religious activities and religious unions,' the press service said.

The bill provides for norms, which will impose regulations on getting religious education abroad, participation of public officials in religious activities, a ban on wearing clothing that prevent identifying persons in public spaces, marriage in accordance to religious rites.

"In addition, the bill bans wearing articles of clothing of destructive ideological movement, spreading and promoting their beliefs on media and strengthens responsibility for illegal involvement of minors in religious activities," the press service said.

In their speeches, participants in the discussion noted the importance and timing of the prepared amendments to laws on religious activities which should constitute the basis for strengthening the secular principles of the state and forming the national system of the prevention of spreading the ideology of religious extremism, it said.

At a meeting with representatives of the Kazakh Muslims Spiritual Department this spring, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev ordered to elaborate on the issue of prohibiting wearing hijabs in the country by law.