2017-08-23 15:05:00

Head of Russian Jews urges businessmen not to seek the tops of the Forbes list

*** Pursuit of success deprives of happiness, he believes

Moscow, August 23, Interfax - Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar is convinced that high social status does not bring happiness and offers his recipe of a happy life.

"Life is represented as an endless competition: the most important thing is to win. The pursuit of success starts in the early childhood and continues the whole life: "you should be the best pupil in your class," "you should run faster and jump higher," "you should get diploma with honor," "you should make an enviable career," "if you are a businessman, you should head a corporation and be in the tops of the Forbes list," "if you are a politician, you should be an deputy, a mayor, a minister," "if you are an artist, you should be a star," and further on - you should, you should, you should," the rabbi tells about contemporary demands in the Lechaim magazine.

Even if a "person wins the first place and then downshifts to the fifth place - as it is impossible to win always! - it becomes a double tragedy" and "the media reports every day how sportsmen, pop stars and cinema celebrities become alcoholics and drug-addicts, divorce," - they've won many victories, but there is no happiness, the rabbi says.

Speaking about prosperity, he reminds that it is impossible to earn all the money and notes that he knows "many people who have a lot of money, but live in fear to lose it and they are really scared that people love their money, not themselves." According to Lazar, those, who understand that their share is given by God to satisfy real needs and fulfill their mission on Earth, "do not see any sense in seeking more."

Considering respect, the Jewish leader arrived at the conclusion that people do not respect "stars" obsessed with "star syndrome," but treat with honor those people who "think about others, help others and respect them."

"All values of our life - wisdom, power and authority, prosperity and honor are filled with true sense only in context of supreme life goal, of achieving happiness. And happiness can be achieved only in the ways of the Lord, in joyful ministry to Him. If we lack it, no other values will help us," Lazar is convinced.