2017-08-31 15:33:00

Two ISIL members plotting terror attacks in Moscow region on Eid al-Adha

Moscow, August 31, Interfax - Two men with origins in Central Asia plotting terror attacks in crowded places on September 1 have been detained in Moscow and the Moscow region, the Federal Security Service's public relations center told Interfax on Thursday.

"One of the men detained on the eve of the Knowledge Day, which coincides with a key Islamic holiday, Kurban-Bayram (Eid al-Adha - IF), this year, posted an online video address to members of the ISIL terrorist organization banned in Russia. He took the so-called 'oath of allegiance to the terrorists' in that video. [The detainee] intended to stab civilians with a knife," the Federal Security Service said.

The search of residence of the other detainee, also an ISIL member, resulted "in the discovery and seizure of a large improvised explosive device and things and component parts used in its production," the Federal Security Service said.

"He admitted to the plan to become a suicide bomber and blow himself up," it said.

The first detainee's phone yielded contacts with ISIL recruiters and instructions regarding the pending crime, the Federal Security Service said.

The Federal Security Service's investigative division is preparing to charge the detainees with 'the plotting of a terror attack, participating in terrorist activity, and illegally possessing weapons, explosives and explosive devices'.

"The criminal activity of two men of Central Asian origin who were plotting terror attacks on September 1 has been detected and stopped in Moscow and the Moscow region," the Federal Security Service said.